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Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology for                                Food and Agriculture

Natural polymer-based delivery systems, nanogels, nanoclays, active surfaces, edible                            coatings and smart packages for agriculture and food
Dr. Elena Poverenov (Head) Lab

Tel: 03-9683354

About Our Lab

Our agenda is introducing advanced materials chemistry and nanotechnology approaches in the field of food and agriculture. Modern agriculture is facing serious challenges, such as climate change, agricultural resource deficits and the threat of food crises. New methods that combine high efficacy with health- and eco-safety are necessary to increase crop yields, reduce agriproduct losses and ensure food security. Motivated by this understanding, We have established a new research field at ARO, "Advanced materials and nanotechnology for agriculture and food". Our research group has distinguished itself for its expertise in the development of new materials based on nature-sourced compounds. Our primary research expertise is biopolymers that serve as a platform for new advanced materials. Understanding the biopolymers chemistry fundamentals and their rational modifications provide far-reaching and diverse scientific and applicative prospects. Our research is dedicated toward three major directions: (1) delivery systems, (2) new biodegradable materials, and (3) active coatings.

The technologies we roll out are specifically designed with safety in mind, and we adhere to eco-friendly biodegradable materials and green chemistry protocols.

We strive to implement our discoveries and maintain tight contacts with farmers and industry to be updated about actual problems in the field, present our work at industrial/farmers' meetings and participate in industrial consortia. We have several initiatives with industrial companies on postharvest treatment, plant nutrition, protection of early-growth-plants, promotion of phytonutrient production in crops and valorization of agrifood waste. 


Stimuli-free transcuticular delivery of microelement using biopolymeric nanovehicles
Sustainable packaging materials with tailor made activity
An effective transdermal delivery of medicines
Non-classical encapsulation in
In cell delivery for gene editing in plants
 Tuning biomaterials properties
at the nanoscale
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