Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology for Food and Agriculture

Natural polymer-based delivery systems, nanogels, nanoclays, active surfaces, edible coatings and smart packages for agriculture and food
Dr. Elena Poverenov (Head) Lab

Tel: 03-9683354    elenap@volcani.agri.gov.il

About Our Lab

In our lab we utilize nanotechnology and advanced material science approaches to develop safe and effective methods for increasing crop yields, reducing agriproducts losses and enhancing food quality and safety. A combination of climate change and a growing global population causes reductions in vital agricultural resources (soil, water, plant nutrients), resulting in new challenges that should be urgently answered.

In our lab we develop advanced delivery systems, active edible coatings, smart packages and contact active antimicrobial surfaces. The technologies we roll out are specifically designed with safety in mind, and we adhere to eco-friendly biodegradable materials and green chemistry protocols.

Our primary research expertise is nature-sourced polymers, their  comprehensive study, modifications and development of advanced materials based on a platform of natural polymers. Natural polymers hold great promise as inexhaustible and safe biocompatible resources. Therefore, understanding the fundamentals of their chemistry and rational design of their modifications have far-reaching and diverse scientific and application prospects.


Stimuli-free transcuticular delivery of microelement using biopolymeric nanovehicles
Sustainable packaging materials with tailor made activity
An effective transdermal delivery of diclofenac medicine